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Emergency Read on Kashmir: Until My Freedom Has Come ,
Sanjay Kak (ed)

Emergency Read on Kashmir: Until My Freedom Has Come ,
Sanjay Kak (ed)



As of today, Friday October 11th, 2019, it has been exactly 68 days (and counting) since India revoked Article 370 (defining and formalizing its relationship to Kashmir) from its constitution, alarmingly accelerating an already-crippling military occupation of Kashmir.

That is 68 days (& counting) of a complete communication blackout of internet, phones, and other media. 68 days (& counting) where Kashmiris have been unable to hear from family/friends. 68 days (& counting) of thousands of additional Indian soldiers added to the already-present ~600,000 Indian troops administering a violent and merciless military occupation of the tiny region of Kashmir since the Indian partition in 1947.

In light of this ongoing and accelerating military occupation, lack of media attention, and urgent calls for international solidarity, #BecauseWeveRead is honored to be partnering with Stand With Kashmir to host this ‘Emergency Read’ on Kashmir. 

Until My Freedom Has Come: The New Intifada in Kashmir
 is a composition of beautiful, painful, inspiring, and compelling essays written in various styles (poetry, short narrative, autobiographical, academic, etc) by Kashmiris in Kashmir and around the world. While this text was published in 2013 and is generally themed around the tumultuous 2010 uprisings in Kashmir, the voices and stories presented in its essays are both timeless and integral to contextualize and better understand the contemporary situation unfolding before our eyes.

We are excited to be collaborating with Stand With Kashmir for this Emergency Read. #SWK is a Kashmiri diaspora-driven grassroots collective dedicated to building solidarity with the people of Kashmir in ending the occupation and supporting their right to self-determination.

Additional Resources

+ #StandWithKashmir instagramtwitter, and website for regular updates on the current situation in Kashmir as well as ways to get involved and stand in solidarity with the people of Kashmir

+ The Kashmir Syllabus – an INCREDIBLE and incredibly detailed 14-week syllabus covering everything from general background and timelines to cultural production to women’s organizing to borders and bodies and everything in-between, curated by Hafsa Kanjwal

“The Lockdown of Kashmir With Hafsa Kanjwal” interview on Why is this Happening Podcast

“India’s settler-colonial project in Kashmir takes a disturbing turn”, – article by Hafsa Kanjwal in The Washington Post

“Kashmir Under Siege: India Moves to Annex Territory, Heightening Tensions with Nuclear Rival Pakistan” – interview with Sanjay Kak, Mirza Waheed, and Siddhartha Deb on Democracy Now

Interview with Hafsa Kanjwal on The Dean Obeidallah Show

Interview with Mohamad Junaid on SABC

“Kashmir under lockdown: All the latest updates” – Aljazeera 

+ “India Moves to Strip Kashmir of Autonomy, Potentially Setting up Conflict in Disputed Territory” – article by Murtaza Hussain in The Intercept

“State and Political Subjectivity in Kashmir” – lecture and panel conversation with Hafsa Kanjwal & Mohamad Junaid

+ Kashmiri Dictionary instagram page


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